Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cruz en la Mantañas


there´s a cross at the top of the big mountains surrounding the city, which is lit up at night. and friday, I hiked up to he cross with some friends from school, Angie, Mario, Fabiola, and Alihondra, and friends from AFS, anders, kevin. the hike was hard, but it was definetly worth it when I got to the top. you could see the whole city. I took lots of pictures, which I´ll load once I figure out how to load pictures in an internet cafe. once we were at the op, we hung out and ate snacks and took funny pictures.

I went to Loja with Piedad to meet with her family. we have alot lot of family there! my host sister and brother, my neices and cousins and aunts. everyone is really nice too. we went to another party like the one in guisaguinia, for the virgin mary. the next day we went to a theatre and saw two of my host nieces in a dance show. then later that day to see my host siser-in law dance. there were all diffferent dances, hip hop, contemporary, indidunous from different south american countries (haha, sorry for the bad spelling :) ), reggaton, etc. we went to a fair with rides and music and vendors and food and people. and we went to the zoo the morning before we left. once of my nieces (it´s funny she´s my niece, since she´s only two years younger than me so we say counsins insted) want to learn English, so she would try to speak to my in engligh and I would respond in spanish. she lstens to a lots of engligh music too.

yesterday my friends from school too 5 of us from afs on a little tour of piñas, since we got out of school really early. after basketballin the evening, I went to a circus with my friends Gabbi, Kevin (AFS), Kristin (AFS) and Fabiola. but we got there half an hour late, and the clown was on the stage and when he saw us he yelled "hey! you speaking english?! hey djkadfjsdagh(something is spanis.. which I couldn´t understand) ustados unidos aqui!"
there were trapise artist. one of them from the US! there was a dog trick show, there was a clown and then a hypnotist, magistion man. I couldn´t really understand what he said, but he had a bunch of poeple come up and stand in a line and close their eyes and then said "duerme, duerme" (sleep sleep) over and over again, and theree of them fell alseep.

today I has school like usual, I think I´m going to a dance at the school with my friends on friday and saturday.

AFS exchange students in Piñas:
Kristen (Germany)
Annika (Germany)
Chris (USA)
Tanya (Switzerland)
Anders (Denmark)
Kevin (Germany)
Me (USA)


Alia Persico-Shammas said...


glad to hear you're having fun. can't wait to hear more!

chelsholmz said...

Hey! Sounds like you're having a blast :) I miss you. What's your mailing address there? I need to send you a little birthday surprise! Keep having a great time.
Love you!

Elaine said...

Aw Sarah! I´m so so glad you´re having a good time. It seems actually fairly similar to ine, and the cities look really similar. Is it as hot there as it is here? Like 80 degrees and full humidity with a hige thunderstorm every night. Well I hop you keep having a great time, even when it gets hard, which it will, I want you to remember you have people all around the world who love and and are rooting for you!

Go girl:)