Monday, September 29, 2008


hey guys! so a lot has been happening here. I hiked to the cross again and played cards with my friends. I went to the pool. Aida took us to meet the "reinas del mundo" who were visiting piñas for a beauty contest. we got dressed up and went to drink tea with them. all the exchange students had tea with the reina de los ustados unidos (she was really nice. her name was Amanda and from California -- she actually ended up winning the contest!) and the reina de Alimania. it was fun and afterwards all the exhcange students took funny pictures together on this pretty balcony with a view of the mountains :

the next day we went to a beautiful beach (pacific ocean!!) my first time to the pacific! and there were dolfins and aida bought a little green bird out of the side-car window on the way there for a 2 dollars!

we went to Machala to get our visa cencus cards, but the man to make them wasn´t there, so we went again to next day! but it was fine, casue we got to see an AFS exchange student, Lia, in Machala, from Alaska.

I went to the farm of a friend with abunch of friends from school. we made lunch, and then just swam in the pool for about 4 hours.

I went with my friends to the competition for "reinas de las orchidias" My friend Anabell was a contestant! it was a really big event, the whole place was filled with people and balloons and it was split up into colored sections of people rooting for each contestant. each candidate represented a different Orchid- Anabell´s orchid was Turquise, so we all sat in the turquoise section. it was a lot of fun. the reinas had their swimsuit section, then a band called Blind Dog came on to sang. my school friends knew all the words to every song. then the contestants dressed in outfits representing their specific orchid. Another band played and we all got up and danced. haha, we danced a lot. then the evening gowns, and another band- this band was called Fuego, from Quito. by the time they anounced the winner it was already 3 in the morning! Anabell didn´t win, but she did get the equivalent to the miss congeniality award, which was pretty cool.

there was a party at a pool called Mora Mora for the exchange students, AFS piñas staff, and our families last week. we played games from different countries.. baloon toss.. sack race.. Aida annoumced we would have a "reina del intercambios" and since Annika and I were the only exchange student girls there for that morning, she made us walk around, and walk on the tables and then we picked a peice of paper from one of the counselors hands to see who won, I got the triangle shaped piece so they said I won. they gave me a sash that Aida had glued a paper that said "AFS" on it, and a paper crown.. we played another game from ecuador where you put a tomato inbetween two persons´ forheads and they have to dance and try not to drop the tomato.. we ate lunch, and then swam, and went on the slides at the pool.

The majority of the people here are Roman Catholic. Aida and Piedad aswell, so Aida brought me to the church last sunday. I never new when to stand of sit.. there was a lot of standing and sitting, and kneeling and praying and some songs.

There was an election in ecuador for a constitution change, giving Correa (president of Ecuador) a chance to run for another tearm of 4 years. the election was yesterday, and the side for "si" won.

I went to the pool with Piedad and Aida, which was nice.

all of sexto courso, minus the exchange students, had to do a march with the flag for Ecuador on the "day of the flag". they marched while music played in the big coloseo, then each student had to march to the flag, say "si juro!" (yes, I swear) kneel and kiss the flag. all the exange srudents went to see this, and then afterwards my friend Karla said "Vamos a bailar" so we went dancing at 10:30 in the morning.

there is a feria in town right now which I´ve been visiting and walking around in with my friends, which is fun. tehre are a lot of little shops --and one sells piñas with helado! Oh My Goodness, It Is So Good!

on the 10th of october I´m going with my course to a really bug feria in Guayaquil! I´m exited!

alright, till later guys! chao!
xxo sarah


Alia Persico-Shammas said...

so good to hear you're having fun!

lucas said...

This sounds so amazingly cool, I'm glad you're having so much fun.

Anne said...

Argh I'm jealous! I'm happy that you sound pretty happy :]
keep us updated~~
ALSO, yo quiero pina con helado. Ahora. ;___; esta dificil para ti a entender todo el espanol que hablan alli en edcuador? tengo muchisimas ganas de ir a ecuador o otra pais donde hablan espanol. Pero estoy tan nerviosa porque mi espanol no esta muy bien y tambien estoy una "picky eater" asi que es dificil ir a otro pais.

Moonson said...

Sarah! it's so good to hear about what's going on with you! We all miss you a lot. But we are really glad you are having fun! Have a great birthday later this week!

P.S. this is Alex, not Moonson, I just had to use my dad's account.

Jenny said...

I have no idea when you will get this, but Happy Birthday tomorrow! I met an exchange student from ecuador the other day and it reminded me of how much fun you must be having out there!

Alia Persico-Shammas said...

¡Felíz cumpleaños, sarah! (¿o cumpleaños felíz?)

hope you'r ehaving a good time. update your blog, yo! I hope you're doing something fun for your birthday. Halloween camp was going to be last week, my and nick and cathlin all signed up. but it got cancelled! apparently not enough people registered. :(.

Anyway. Stay in touch! escribe a yo cuando puedes ¿Yo se tienes mucha cartas escribir, si? Yo tambien quería te digo, soy ir a España en febrero en intercambio (pero solamente por 10 dias, y soy quedarse con una familia por 5 dias)

I spent like half an hour looking the verb for "to miss", and no luck ¡so, yo miss tu!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sarita! We miss you sweetheart...hope you have a wonderful birthday in Ecuador. Sending big invisible hugs and kisses.
love mom and dad xxooxxx

Happy birthday, happy birthday we love you
Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true
When you blow out the candles one light stays aglow
That's the love light in your eyes wherever you go