Friday, July 25, 2008

Preparing For Ecuador

Hi it's Sarah! in 27 days I'll be flying out to start my exchange year in Ecuador! I'm so exited! :) The town I'll be staying in is called Piñas (which means pineapple!) it's in the southern end of the country in the El Oro providence.

My host mom is a woman named Piedad. She sounds like she's very nice! I actually just sent her a letter (in my broken Spanish, haha), I hope she has enough time to write me back before I arrive :) the mail will take about 10 days to get there.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Chicago to get all my student visa information set!

if I had to come up with some goals for my year they'd be: To experience life in a different culture and be more aware of the outside world. To learn Spanish - hopefully I'll be pretty fluent by the end of my exchange! I'd like to make a lot of new friends from all over the world (from Ecuador and other exchange students from different countries). I want to be really, really confident and soak up everything while I'm there! And to have an amazing year living in Ecuador!

ah! I'm so psyched! :)