Friday, March 13, 2009


so last week we went on this amazing trip to the galapagos-- we went to see the giant tortoises and iguanas the first day, we had these really cool guides with us, sabina and alejandro, who were with us most of the time. then we went to a little beach as the sun was going down. in the evening I wet out with these three girls in the group from machala and hung out by the port (there are only girls in machala, which was kinda funny, but fun too) there were about 7 pelicans just chilling in the trees next to us by the water. the next day we took a boat out to the island baltra, a volcanic island where you could see how the lava fell and froze there in place-- then to a little beach on the island and got really close to this pelican. hehe. the boat ride there and back were both about 3 hours, but it was really nice and relaxing, I talked to these really cool guys and a girl from norway/italy. in the evening we went to a discotecha (yes, even in the galapagos they have discos -- better than the one in piñas actually. I was actually surprised the the amount of people that live in the island santa cruz) day 3 we went to the island santa fe to snorkle! oh my goodness chelsea we swam with sealions! they were about 1 meter away from us!! (how many feet are in a meter?.. 5 or 6 think) really cool. we only had to back away a bit when the male come, cause they said he´s aggressive. after lunch on the boat we went to swim in a near by beach -- the water is SO CLEAR there, like when we went to st. john, maybe clearer. beautiful. there is a cute girl from japan in machala named seai I had fun swimming with. we all went walking around in the evening, it´s really safe in the galapagos. next day we went to see the giant tortoises , then to los gimenos, it was really cool about how they were made, then the a tunnel== caves= after lunch we went to tortuga bay, it was a nice walk there, when we got there the sun was in the middle of the sky, sparkling on the clear water and white white sand. the sand was so fine, like flour. we walked along the beach and found a spot to swim for about 15 minutes. we had to leave at a certain time because in the night time all the turtles go up the the dunes and they don't want the people there. our guide said that if you some really early in the morning the whole beach is covered in little prints from the turtles. the next day we had to go, which was sad. it was such an amazing amazing trip


linda said...

Hi Sarah, I'm sorry I got behind in reading your blog. It sounds as though you are having a terrific year. I am so impressed by your adventures. My dad is a biologist and I remember how excited he was when he got to visit the Galapagos Islands. He had always loved reading about Darwin and was thrilled to see where his ideas had begun. Your mom went snorkeling with us in Mexico. She planned such a great trip for us that now we all want her to be our travel agent. We're thinking of you here and hope you continue to have such great experiences. love, Linda

Anonymous said...

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